Friday, 22 May 2015

New Transport for Vistarus Residents

Vistarus is now the proud owner of an 18 seater luxury bus. After months of praying and trusting that God will provide we finally bought our bus and can now transport all our people to church, hospital and the school children to school and outings. The bus was bought out of our church fund, Vistarus and its people are the church of our Father. Finally we can travel safely and we don’t have to worry about our people anymore.
 Parked with big stickers in front of Harvest church where some of our people attend the morning service.

 The inside of the bus

 Founders, Lynette and Kobus Jacobs, Pastor Rudie van Rensburg, PRO Nadia Jacobs and Manager Wynand Jacobs

Standing in line to board the bus


Thank you again to Shawn Oelofse and Peter Loock and the ABSA team for spending their Saturday here with our children and spoiling them. They also involved Craig and Lindy from Metal Technics, who came in and fixed everything that needed fixing on our playground. We truly appreciate everything they keep on doing for us and we want to thank them.

 Absa Team handing out hotdogs to the children

 Assisting a little one off the slide

 Absa Team

Thursday, 21 May 2015


The wonderful people of the Sunshine Rotary Club arrived at Vistarus with boxes of TOMS shoes for all our children. Needless to say they were all over the moon with their new footwear. The children posed for photos showing off their new shoes. Management also wants to thank all the caring people for spoiling our children.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kitchen Freezer Makeover

Our chiller started leaking and the roof caved in making it close to impossible to keep food fresh for the amount of people we have to feed daily. We prepare about 28000 meals per month out of or kitchen , so this was a huge crisis in our lives. Shawn and Aubrey from Coastline Refrigeration and Air Conditioning miraculously came to our assistance and offered to repair the roof of our chiller for free. Frans from Miltrans then came in and brought as a mobile chiller for free whilst the repairs took place. Our new chiller now looks amazing thanks to these caring people who blessed us in such a big way.

 Before images

 Truck offloading the temporary container

After images

This was truly a great blessing from amazing, generous people. Thank you

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mighty Mens Conference 2015

12 of our men got blessed and attended the conference in the Karoo on the weekend of the 25th of April together with 25000 men of South Africa. This was a wonderful    bonding for them and they can back anew and refreshed in the spirit. God is great! We also want to thank Gavin Doyle, Pastor Daan Botha and all those that took such good care of our men.

 At the cross

 View from the top of the mountain

 1000s of men during Praise an Worship

 The Vistarus group

Friday, 24 April 2015

Medicus Shoes

Medicus and its caring team of people have been a supplier of quality ladies and men’s shoes to all our people on the program since 2012. The team of Medicus again came to Vistarus this year and blessed all our ladies and teenagers with  beautiful CAT boots.

They truly put dignity back into these people with such special footwear. 
We as management want to also thank Medicus and their staff for truly caring.

 Ladies with their new shoes

 PRO Nadia Jacobs with teenager who was also blessed with shoes

 Trying them on and having a blast

 Medicus Shoes team

All the ladies were ecstatic

Friday, 30 January 2015

The effects of the drug, Krokodil (Desomorphine)

In the years we have been involved in helping others overcome addiction, nothing prepared us for the horrors of a new drug Desomorphine, Street named “Krokodil”. The effects are permanent and it is said that this drug is worse than “TIK” (Crystal Meth).

It is a drug that causes your skin to rot and look scaly, like a crocodile’s, and the effects on the brain are even worse than the physical signs that people that have been using this deadly drug displays. Users mix codeine with a brew of poisons such as paint thinner, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorus scraped from the strike pads on matchboxes. The result—a murky yellow liquid with an acrid stink—mimics the effect of heroin at a fraction of the cost.
Wherever on the body a user injects the drug, blood vessels burst and surrounding tissue dies, sometimes falling off the bone in chunks. That side effect has earned krokodil its other nickname: the zombie drug. The typical life span of an addict is just two or three years.

One of our guys who has a TIK addiction, told us that he used Krokodil while outside. It started with continuous seizures, the medics on the ambulance declared him dead. They had to introduce shock therapy to bring him back to life. The results were scary. Spending many days in the hospital made him realize that he cannot go on living the life of an addict and returned home.
Sitting across from us was a 32-year-old man we didn’t recognise. Shaking uncontrollably due to shock to the brain, he explains that the pressure on his brain has become so terrifyingly strong that it is difficult for him to do hard work. He has to return to the hospital for an operation to mend the spot where the blood vessel burst in his brain.
‘My blood is not thickening, I cannot produce enough blood to keep from passing out.’ He said. ‘My nose keeps bleeding and for the first few days my body refused any food to stay inside.’
The horrors of this man, who came to us when he was still energised and full of life, is now a man who is sick, in constant pain due to swelling and the effects that this drug had on his body.
He has told us that now is the time to stop using drugs, he does not want to die like this.

So, please be warned by this man’s story – this drug, and any other drugs, can cause serious damage and even worse….death.